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Since before she can remember, Maya's passion for acting, singing and dancing has helped her put a sparkling fascination towards storytelling into motion.​ Growing up just thirty minutes from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she found that the eclectic theatre scene in the area quickly became a second home. 

In her free time you can find her writing stories, making pancakes and fighting for the rights of marginalized lives! Her last theatrical project was the national tour of Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue as Zuma, the chocolate lab. She is now the head Writer and Editor of the organization, Mixed in America!


Original Writing

Story and truth-telling through writing is an incredibly important piece of Maya's life.  Writing about anything from young heartbreak to social justice infused speeches, she transforms the fire in her veins into the ink in her pen.

                        A lot of her work can be found on her instagram: @mayarichardsun

                                                       Here are a few of her selections.

Maya also doodles surrounding her original poetry, and has created work for tattoos and EP covers to those who request!

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Maya is the Content Coordinator for the Non-proft organization, Mixed in America. Maya vulnerably and passionately writes of her experiences as a mixed woman in a world that demands our identity not fall somewhere in the middle. You can find her work here:



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